Partly as a result of the IPPC (Technical Advice Commission of the Cattle Producers’ Ammonia Regulation) guidelines from governmental authorities, cattle farmers are required to follow an increasing number of steps to reduce ammonia emissions. Manure tanks still emit too much ammonia. How does this relate to your situation? Have you taken the necessary steps? Or are you afraid of high investment and operational costs, storage issues and maintenance of yet another piece of apparatus? We would like to present you with a perfect yet simple solution for the problem of ammonia: the Balance Ball.

This product has many advantages over other systems that limit the emission of ammonia:

  • Environmentally friendly: the balance ball covers over the slurry pit, so reducing the ammonia emission significantly. No more problems with spot checks from governmental authorities. What’s more you are making your contribution to a better environment. The balance ball is produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE), a sustainable material that is fully recyclable.
  • Minimal outlay: the low running costs and competitive investment costs when compared to existing systems are two of the biggest advantages of the balance ball. Moreover you will save on energy costs.
  • Extended durability
  • A healthier climate: if you use the balance ball you will no longer need to extract ammonia from the slurry pit into the open air. This will also result in better welfare for the livestock. The balance ball is also better for your own wellbeing is in future you will be breathing in fewer noxious elements.
  • Low maintenance
  • Tackling the problem at its source

As you would expect, the reliability of the balance ball has been extensively tested and has proved itself to be extremely reliable.