Arie van Hoof, owner of an intensive pig farm with 1500 pigs was one of the first users of the Balansbal. According to him there has been a significant improvement in the stalls:

 “About 1200 balls cover the manure for every 100 pigs. And the more the manure layer is covered, the less the ammonia emission. With this solution my stalls meet the requirements of the Green Label hallmark. Since I have been using the balls, the air is fresher and it is a lot more pleasant in the stalls. The balance ball scores on four counts. For environmental reasons, as less ammonia is released into the atmosphere. This invention also improves the welfare of the animals: their living conditions are cleaner and more pleasant. And finally the balls are energy-saving and totally maintenance-free. I expect them to last me for 20 to 30 years. Moreover the balance ball creates a healthier climate for the people who work in the stalls. What more could you want as a pig farmer? The balance ball is a one-off investment that really delivers something!” 

Other reactions from farmers:

"What is there about it that can get broken?"

“So, there’s nothing wrong with this. You don’t need to switch anything on or off.”

“The fact that this has only just been invented; couldn’t they have thought of it any earlier?"

"A ball like this pays you back in heating and electricity charges!"