Since the beginning of 2010 the Balansbal system has been an approved system for the reduction of ammonia in pig farming. The system was positively evaluated at the end of 2009 by the Tac-Rav commission. The system will be implemented in the next update of the RAV (DutchAmmonia and Cattle Farming Regulations), probably in July 2012, and will include a description of where it can be implemented.

The percentage of reduction amounts to 29% for the balance ball system alone and 42% in combination with the feed additive VevoVitall. The balance ball system can now be included by anyone as part of their plans or planning requests. The RAV reference number for the balance ball system is BWL 2010.01 and is included in a new category D4 (additional techniques). The approval of VevoVitall in the second half of 2011 was interpreted as a ‘management initiative’ and will therefore not appear on the RAV list (as only ‘technical initiatives’ can be included here). This is described in the PAS (Dutch Procedure for Dealing with Nitrates). 

Balansbal BV takes measurements at four locations. At each location measurements are taken in one shed without balance balls and without feed additives, one shed with balanceballs but no feed additive and finally one shed with balance balls and feed additive. The feed additive in question is VevoVitall from DSM. The measurements are implemented by ASG (Animal Sciences Group).  

Attention has also been paid to its possible use with cattle. The first tests were very positive (results significantly higher than the required reduction of 15%) and as a result of this we are now looking into the possibility of taking measurements with cattle for official recognition of the balance ball system according to the RAV. The measurement plan is awaiting approval by the Tac-Rav commission.

Attaining the approval for pig farming is supported by partial financial subsidy from the Stimulus project, the EU and the Province of Noord-Brabant.