Applications / Costs

The balance ball system is applicable to anyone and for all categories of pigs. It is included in the RAV list under the category D4 ‘Additional techniques’ with the RAV reference number BWL 2010.01. This is contrary to several articles published in trade magazines which stated that the balanceball could only be applied fixed termination farms* and would only be valid until 2016.

This means that the balanceball system alone is suitable for fixed termination farms*. The balance ball system achieves a reduction of 29%

* Dutch pig farms which have a licence that will terminate in 2020

For other companies the balance ball system (reduction of 29%) and/or in combination with Vevovitall (reduction of 42%) can be implemented. The balanceball system is included in the RAV list. It is expected that VevoVitall will be recognised in December 2010 via the ‘Dutch Procedure for Dealing with Nitrates’ (PAS).

The balance ball system can be implemented in the same enclosure as other emission-alarm systems including air purifiers (see the RAV list at footnote 3 and 17). The air purifiers are not mentioned in footnote 17 but that does not mean they cannot be used together. Enquiries to SenterNovem / conclude that footnote 17 includes details of accommodation systems and that air purifiers are not accommodation systems but integrated installations. Consequently they are not included in footnote 17. You will need, when calculating the total emission applied to an air purifier and balance ball (including VevoVitall) to use the formula mentioned in footnote 3 of the RAV list. 

The cost of the balance ball system per pig stall is about €30 - €32, excluding VAT for a half grating and €50 - €55 excluding VAT for a full grating. 

The costs depend on the width of the slurry pit(s) in the enclosure as this will decide how many balls per square metre will be needed in the pit. Prices mentioned here are a one-off investment cost and there are no further on-going costs for maintenance and power consumption. You can request an offer very simply using the ‘Offer’ menu option which you will then receive within a few seconds by e-mail. You will then know exactly what this entails for your own system! You will currently receive a discount of 5% on the balance ball system which will be calculated directly into the delivery price. This is in compensation for the interest up till 1 January 2013 which you will lose if you decide to purchase now, when in fact you don’t need to do this until 1 January 2013. This is valid for orders placed and delivered in this calendar year.